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With over 35 years of experience in Central Oregon, Kevin Spencer Masonry has worked on a range of projects, both residential and commercial. Whether large or small, pavers or masonry, all projects need to have a yearly maintenance program to preserve the integrity of the products and installation.

Because of our years of experience of installing a variety of masonry products and pavers, Kevin Spencer Masonry realizes the need for maintenance for both. We are capable of handling any masonry problems you may have, whether you need routine maintenance or immediate repairs.

This is also your best choice for long-term preventative maintenance of your home or business. The deterioration of masonry and other building components is an inherit issue that every structure will experience during its lifetime. Time and the elements, including seasonal freeze-thaw cycles with expansion and contraction here in Central Oregon, can have adverse effects on both masonry and pavers. In order to ensure the protection and preservation of your investment, preventative maintenance and restoration is essential.

Kevin Spencer Masonry specializes in addressing these concerns. We prefer to offer a routine maintenance program, but we are happy to repair immediate issues as needed. Our team of qualified masons utilize their years of experience to develop a maintenance or repair program tailored to fit your needs.

Retain your investment.

Give us a call at 541-389-0070 or email Seth Beck today and we can give you a free analysis for your home or business.

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